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Make Your Own Cell Phone Cover

Instructions for Sewing a Cell Phone Holster

Cell phones aren’t cheap but they are easily damaged. That’s why it’s important to have a cell phone cover to prevent nicks and scratches. No matter what your cell phone looks like it’s easy to make a cover for it by simply cutting some fabric and stitching it together.

Most people purchase cell phone covers that are made from vinyl. You can choose vinyl for your own cell phone cover or go with a fabric that’s a little jazzier. Whatever fabric you choose it’ll be easier to make the cover and have it fit correctly if you use a fabric that has a little stretch to it.

You’ll also need a piece of clear plastic. The plastic needs to be thick enough to protect the phone without being so thick that it’s difficult to sew. Find the plastic you need at a home improvement store.

The first thing you need to do is take measurements of your phone. Start by measuring from the top of the screen to just under the last row of numbers. Also, measure the width of the phone. Cut these measurements from the clear plastic. Now measure from the top of the screen, up and over the top of the phone, to about a third of the way down the back of the phone. Measure the width as well and cut this piece from vinyl. Measure from just under the last row of numbers, around the bottom of the phone, and up to the top back portion of the phone. Cut this piece from vinyl.

Stitch the plastic piece and the bottom vinyl piece together. Stitch the top piece onto the top of the plastic piece. Stitch a velcro dot or strip onto the underside of the top edge piece that wraps around to the back. Stitch another piece of velcro onto the top back portion of the vinyl. Now you should have a piece that surrounds the phone and fastens in the back but doesn’t have the sides yet.

Choose elastic that fairly matches the color of the cell phone cover. If you’ve done the cover in black vinyl, use black elastic. The elastic should be about a half-inch wide. Cut two pieces of the elastic that are slightly shorter than the side length of the phone. The elastic should reach from an inch or so away from the bottom edge to an inch or so away from the top edge. If your phone has the volume adjustment on the side edge, take this into consideration when cutting the elastic lengths.

Stitch the elastic in by sewing the side of it to the front of the cell phone cover, then the opposite side of the elastic to the back of the cell phone cover. Do this on both sides. Add a slit to the very bottom, for charging your phone, and the cover is complete. You can go the extra step of stitching welt into the fabric but it’s not a necessity and will be bothersome for those just starting in sewing.

If you choose to add welt, do so before stitching in the elastic pieces. Stitch the welt all the way around the perimeter of the phone cover – on front and back. Now put the elastic in the side portion of the cover. To slip the phone on and off of a belt simply attach a piece of elastic, running vertically, to the backside of the phone. You can also make a long, slender pocket and use a piece of metal to secure the phone to a pocket. The metal should be about the shape of a tongue depressor but not quite as long. Bend the metal in half and glue half of it inside the pocket. The other half remains outside of the pocket for slipping on and off of jeans pockets, purse, or belt.

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