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Mobile Internet Emerges as a Viable Option for Rural Connectivity

Rural residents seeking high-speed internet in remote areas often turn to satellite service providers due to their promises of fast downloads and seamless browsing. While the best satellite Internet service providers typically deliver download speeds ranging from 25 to 100 Mbps, similar to mobile internet providers like UbiFi , it is important to note that these speeds still cannot match the performance of cable or fiber connections. Nonetheless, on the surface, they appear sufficient to meet the needs of rural inhabitants. However, there is one crucial factor that anyone considering satellite Internet for rural areas must take into account.

Satellite Internet, while boasting impressive speeds on paper, suffers from the highest latency compared to other internet technologies. For satellite connections, achieving a ping of under 150 ms is considered noteworthy, whereas other providers can achieve latencies as low as 10-20 ms. The primary issue lies in an inherent limitation of satellite internet setup. The distance between a household and the signal transmitter plays a significant role in causing latency. Since satellite internet relies on orbiting satellites, the distance will always be greater than that of cable, fiber, DSL, or mobile providers.

Considering the aforementioned drawback, rural residents who rely on uninterrupted remote work or aspire to engage in online gaming without distractions should contemplate mobile internet as a viable alternative to satellite internet. Mobile internet providers, including UbiFi, even offer unlimited 4G rural internet plans without any additional usage charges. If you are still unsure, UbiFi provides a 14-day service trial, allowing you to experience their offerings firsthand. Remember to choose the best rural internet service provider that aligns with your specific needs, rather than merely opting for the most popular or common choice.